AW Screw Precision Components produces top quality CNC Swiss precision parts, from prototyping to runs of tens of thousands.





Technical Expertise:

• Expert knowledge of CNC Swiss Machines, cutting moves and manipulating programs to maximize efficiency

• Real world engineering experience developed over a lifetime of developing and manufacturing parts for various industries, from oil and gas to medical technology

• Practical design knowledge gained over years of collaboration with engineers to streamline designs for
production and manufacturing

• The vision, experience, and skill to take a design from “scribble on a napkin” through prototype to large production runs


• Our CNC Swiss Machines are the state of the art for rapid production of precision parts (up to 1.250” diameter). Read more about our Citizen CNC Swiss machines

• From plastic to specialized alloys, tight tolerances, demanding finishes - we can make “anything from everything.” See our portfolio.


• Attention to detail, from order to shipping, we make sure it’s done right.