At AW Screw Precision Components, we machine tight tolerance precision inserts for plastic injection molding. With our top of the line CNC Swiss machines, our experienced programmers and skilled operators are capable of producing the high quality precision parts necessary for plastic injection applications.

We can produce custom inserts in a variety of quality metals, from 0.25 mm (0.010”) to 32mm (1.250”) in diameter with tolerances to plus or minus .0025mm (0.0001”). We can machine any combination of milled flats, grooves, knurls or other retaining system required on the insert. From prototyping to runs of tens of thousands, we meet the demanding needs of the plastic injection industry.

We know that repetitive accuracy is key to consistent quality in plastic injection molding. With our Citizen CNC Swiss machines, our talented staff produce inserts that meet all specifications, with unvarying accuracy from lot to lot. Our plastic injection shop customers rely on us to machine the precision inserts at the core of their top quality plastic injection parts.